Forgiving yourself is about accepting yourself for who you are. No one knows you better than yourself so don’t let anyone tell you about yourself. Without making mistakes you can never learn, self-discover or grow. Don’t be so self critical, because it’s not the mistakes that make you who you are, or your vulnerabilities, but it’s turning those vulnerabilities into strengths, and it’s about the lessons learned that make you grow into the sunshine you are. I’ve forgiven myself for every mistake I’ve made and learnt that if I let temporary people tell me things about myself that I know aren’t true then I will never be happy. And don’t ever let what others think influence how you choose to live your life or how you want to express yourself. You do you, and only surround yourself with those who are filled with love and kindness enough to be able to see the beauty in you. Always remain kind and honest to yourself and to everyone around you, and accept that everyone is different and that’s their power. Set yourself free, by overflowing yourself with self love 🌻

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